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  • Jan 10 2017
    In light of all the things happening in the world we would like to wish President Obama and his family a warm farewell and blessings on their new path. Lets stand together in 2017 and try to find the best solution to unite and create the world we want to see for our children! With love, A to Z Insurance Eagle 1040 Income Tax and Corporations - Aguila 1040 Impuestos y Corporaciones Strategic Life Alliance #eagle1040 #aguila1040 #strategiclifealliance #farewellobama #presiden... details
  • Oct 11 2016
    Open Enrollment Period The yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan. 2016 Open Enrollment ended January 31, 2016. Open Enrollment for 2017 runs from November 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017. Outside the Open Enrollment Period, you generally can enroll in a health insurance plan only if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. You re eligible if you have certain life events, like getting married, having a baby, or losing other health coverage. ... details
  • Jul 15 2016
    From organizing seating arrangements to creating music playlists to keeping in-laws and family members happy, planning for your wedding involves dozens of decisions made under tight deadlines with tons of pressure. For many, a wedding can also mean a significant investment as couples and their families plan full wedding weekends complete with a rehearsal dinner, the wedding event itself and a celebratory send-off brunch. Knowing what a huge time and financial commitment your special day is... details
  • Jun 9 2016
  • May 6 2016
    Dover Days Dover Days: From 1933 to 2016 The History of Dover Days As one of the longest-running, award-winning festivals in the State of Delaware, Dover Days dates all the way back to 1933. What started as a simple flower and garden show staged by the Dover Garden Club, has now become an annual time to remember Dover's heritage with community spirit and an entertaining festival of family events. Celebrating springtime on a weekend in May, A Day with the Storied Houses and ... details
  • Nov 7 2015
    HEALTH INSURANCE THE PAIN IT IS TO BUY! Author: Emmanuel Zaragoza I know first hand that buying health insurance is a headache. Sometimes I wish I could just crawl in a room and just sit there so I know I will never have to feel the angst of possibly going to the hospital for an emergency. This is just the way things will be for now until the government regulates insurance - better than how they are doing now. Do you think that will happen soon? NO. The TAX pe... details
  • Oct 1 2015
    ... details
  • Sep 18 2015
    How to Build an Emergency Survival Kit ... details
  • Aug 19 2015
    Dental Insurance for Seniors: Know Your Options Posted May 29, 2015 filed under Supplemental. 1 Share! Seniors deal with special issues that affect their teeth. Gum disease, tooth decay along tooth roots, and the use of various medications can alter the oral health of seniors. In fact, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults and seniors. Research shows that treating gum disease can also help manage other chronic inflamm... details
  • Jul 2 2015
    Fireworks and the Fourth: 9 Tips For Safe Celebrations I love a good professional fireworks show. I've watched the 4th of July Fireworks from the FDR highway in NYC. I've witnessed the pyrotechnics for what used to be the Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival from high up in a building on Woodward Ave. But I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of consumer fireworks. It's probably because my only experience with them resulted in me having to jump out of the way of a... details
  • Jun 10 2015
    Freshwater Lures Share on your social media pages: Shopping for fishing lures can be a bit overwhelming. There are a lot of companies that make a lot of fishing lures in a lot of sizes, shapes and colors. But that's part of the fun, and most lures are priced about the same. For more information on what lures to use for your target fish, check the Species Explorer section, or join one of our forums and cast out a question. Fishing Lure Tips As you understand more... details
  • May 27 2015
    How To Stop Worrying: Take Control of Your Life Brought to you by: Brian Tracy Do you feel like you worry too much about every little thing that happens in your life? Are you so concerned that your worries will happen that you don t live your life to the fullest? The happiest people take a long-term view of life rather than allowing themselves to be caught up in the turmoil and details of each day. They take things one day at a time. They teach themselves how to stop wo... details
  • Apr 29 2015
    10 Best Places To Go Off Roading via: http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/outdoors-and-adventure/photos/top-us-off-road-destinations Looking to do a little off roading this summer? Well here are the 10 best places in the world to have your fun! You can take your off road vehicle and have a kick-butt good time! 1. Hollister, CA 2. Moab, Utah 3. The Cliffs Insane - Illinois 4. Whipsaw Trail, British Columbia 5. Redneck Yacht Club, Punta Gorda, Florida 6. Shiloh Ride... details
  • Apr 6 2015
    National Window Safety Week A to Z Insurance, Strategic Life Alliance and Virtually Covered Insurance WDMA is a proud member of the National Safety Council's Window Safety Task Force, which was formed to promote greater awareness of window safety. Each year, one week in April is marked as National Window Safety Week. The National Safety Council (NSC) would like to provide parents and caretakers with important safety tips that w... details
  • Apr 6 2015
    FLOODS Body Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States, however not all floods are alike. Some floods develop slowly, while others such as flash floods, can develop in just a few minutes and without visible signs of rain. Additionally, floods can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states.Flash floods can occur within a few minutes or hours of excessive rainfall, a dam or levee failure, or a sudd... details