Health Insurance - THE HUGE HEADACHE! but it doesn't have to be!

Date: November 7, 2015


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Author: Emmanuel Zaragoza

          I know first hand that buying health insurance is a headache. Sometimes I wish I could just crawl in a room and just sit there so I know I will never have to feel the angst of possibly going to the hospital for an emergency. 

This is just the way things will be for now until the government regulates insurance - better than how they are doing now. 

Do you think that will happen soon? NO. The TAX penalties are already in effect and projected for the next 2-3 years so that means that we are in this MESS for a while! 

The GOOD part about all this is this...Our company, A to Z, is here to help answer your questions and find the plans in your area. We are appointed with the Marketplace and operated in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvnia, Virginia, and District of Columbia. You can reach us by filling out the contact section on this website or by phone at 18887212511 ext. 7 - HABLAMOS ESPANOL - Extension 1 is for health insurance & Espanol customers as well. 

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