10 Super Bowl XLIX TV ads to watch for

Date: February 1, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX (that’s 49, in case you were wondering) is this Sunday, February 1st. While some of us are still recuperating from seeing our teams bow out of the game, we are excited to see the sort of shenanigans the ad world has come up with this year. After all, it ain’t the Super Bowl if you don’t have awesome TV ads.

Brands that cough up $4.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot are hoping that their efforts stick around in the consumer mind for years or unleash the creation of memes and sequel-styled ads. With around 110 million viewers expected to tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday, the potential for an impressive return on investment is huge. The time and financial resources invested into these campaigns is equally huge, which makes them a good reflection of where marketing is at: What are people liking on social media, what are they talking about, what kinds of images, celebrities or things catch and keep our collective attention? For agents and brokers, Super Bowl ads are a great way to project how consumers will engage with your own marketing plan. 

Which ads stuck from last year? You might remember M&M’s “Delivery” ad featuring actor Rade Serbedzija (he was Dmitri Gredenko on the sixth season of the TV show 24); Bud Light’s “Up for whatever” huge marketing campaign, which continues this year; Wonderful Pistachio’s ad featuring Stephen Colbert; even U2, the band, debuted a song with Bank of America in an ad called "There is no them, only us;" and Budweiser’s “Puppy love” (of course!).    


Some brands have decided to release their full ads in advance of the occasion or have released teasers. Without further ado, here's what you can expect in terms of advertising for the big game.                                                       

1. Doritos

From the company that’s now known for crowdsourcing — ahem — for turning the Super Bowl into a huge contest, you can expect to see another zany, maybe gross or maybe funny, Doritos ad.


2. Dear Kitten

What originally started as a YouTube ad by Purina Friskies and BuzzFeed Video, the "Dear Kitten" videos feature an older, classy, indoor cat narrating an introduction of the household to a younger cat named “Kitten.” The first ad, which was released last June and has more than 19 million views on YouTube, narrates human rituals, human-cat interactions and general house rules.


Author: JAN 29, 2015 | BY LYNETTE GIL

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